“I love the way this album sounds, which is unlike anything I can easily summon up for comparison.”

– Bob Mersereau, CBC

“One of the biggest, most unexpected, and most exciting surprises of the year.”

– Jeff Liberty, CBC

“Great songwriting with enthralling storytelling wins the day, making Lost In Dublin worthy of your attention.”

– Go Okanagan, Kelowna, BC

“Keith Hallett’s satanic guitar licks set the perfect tone and provide for the construction of the tension in the track.”

  – Rootstime, Belgium

“Lost in Dublin is not your usual blues album.”

  – Billy Bop, Belgium

The kind of indie record that you don’t have to make excuses for because it cuts no corners.”

– Midwest Records, Conn.

“The extensive level of skill and effort put into the album cannot be overstated.”

– The East, Saint John, NB

Il faut être une étrange sorte d’animal à sang froid pour ne pas succomber instantanément à l’appel de « Lost In Dublin ».”

– Zicazine, France

A wonderful CD.”

– Barn Owl Blues, Netherlands

“The talent on show shines throughout the whole album, making this an enjoyable listen you’ll want to repeat.”

– Fatea Magazine, UK

“Lost in Dublin weaves random riffs and rhythms as the album walks through “Black Church” while John Richard wanders through audio dreams sprinkling “Volumes of Beautiful Words”

  – Alternate Route, California

“Richard may have been lost in another city but he found a pretty swell set of songs on his way back home.”

– Winnipeg Free Press

“Immediately the very strong and beautiful voice of John stands out.”

  – Concert Monkey, Belgium

This second release is sure to see more nominations come his way.”

– Canadian Beats

“Transported from the era of Jim Morrison.”

  – Rootsville, Belgium